Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Term 3, 2015

Term 3, 2015

Kia ora Tatou Katoa,

Ko Tokimatawharua te waka
Ko Puhangatohoraharaha te maunga
Ko Taheke te awa
Ko Hokianga te moana
Ko Ngapuhi te iwi
Ko Ngatipakau te hapu
Ko Mahure te marae
Ko Ruth Mountney toku ingoa.

Welcome back to Term 3.  I am really excited about teaching and working with all the children in Room 2.  Look forward to meeting you all.

This photo was taken at Whangarei Falls with my two grand daughters.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

St. Patrick's Day March 17

A long time ago lots of people left Ireland because their potato crops got a disease and they didn't have much food. Some came to New Zealand. We baked potatoes in tinfoil and ate them. They tasted good.

Gruffalo Crumble

We made Gruffalo Crumble. It was yum. It had sugar, flour, butter and peaches and lots of Gruffalo eyes in it.

Gruffalo crumble yum, yum, yummy
Gruffalo crumble in my tummy
We all got a big surprise
When we ate its orange eyes.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

From Egg to Butterfly.

We had the swan plant but no caterpillars so we put the plant outside in the vegetable garden for the night. Next morning we were very excited to find that six white eggs had been laid on the leaves. From these eggs hatched 4 tiny caterpillars and we are enjoying watching them get fatter every day as they chomp through the leaves. Next week we will photograph the cocoons and then finally the butterfly!

Junior Athletics

The Junior School will be having their Junior Athletics Day on Monday March 23rd at 11am. All children in the Junior School will be involved. The events include sprints, relays, hurdles, vortex throw, sack race and egg and spoon race. All welcome.

Welcome back to Room 2 for 2015

This is an exciting term. We have a trip planned to the Wetlands at Hannah's Bay. We will let our frog that we have watched grow from a tadpole go back to his natural habitat. We will also be looking at the community garden, the wild life and we will make a leaf boat guaranteed to float! Parent help is most welcome.